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sci_fi_kiwi's Journal

The New Zealand Science Fiction Community
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This community is for the celebration of all New Zealand science fiction. Science fiction as a whole doesn't get a lot of coverage here, and anything from New Zealand almost nothing at all - so this community is to remedy this. Helpful websites on New Zealand science fiction

It's also a place to look at science fiction, from all over the world, on our own terms. We can discuss it without worrying about spoilers or keeping up with everyone else.

Finally, it's about access. It's not always easy getting hold of anything science fiction, so here's somewhere you can ask others if they know where you can get what you're looking for.

This community is for anyone who loves our country and loves science fiction - it's open to anyone this applies to. Please feel free to join!

Also we want to know about sci-fi events in this country. Are you organising anything? Know of anything being organised? We want to know too! Please give us all the info. You don't have to join to post (but why not join anyway?).

Discussion on fantasy, and to a certain degree horror is also welcome.

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Links to listings for television shows (channels 1-4, Prime, Sky 1 and Discovery) can be found here:
Channels 1-4, Prime, Sky 1 and Discovery

Links to listing for movies can be found here:
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