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Ripley Patton [userpic]
I made the Sir Julius Vogel Awards Short-List
by Ripley Patton (rippatton)
at March 24th, 2009 (10:39 am)

Yip! Squeee!  And all manner of joyous expletives!  I can now officially announce that my sci-fi story, The Derby, has made it to the short-list for a Sir Julius Vogel Award for best short story published by a New Zealand author in 2008. 

And it is thanks, primarily, to all of you!   Thank you for your nominations and wonderful comments to the SJV committee. 

The short-list will now be voting on by SFFANZ members and attendees of the 2009 Conscription in Auckland and the awards presented there at the end of May.  You bet your willy, I'll be there.

The full list of nominees can be found here http://sffanz.sf.org.nz/sjv/sjvNominations-2009.shtml

I would also like to point out that fellow Core members of SpecFicNZ (the newly conceived national org for spec fic writers of New Zealand), Pat Whitaker, and Grant Stone have also received nominations in multiple categories.  Good on them, as they say here in NZ.